Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I have decided to dedicate this entry to pictures of Cape Dorset.  Some of you have seen some of these pictures on my Facebook page but a few of you don't have Facebook so I thought I would post them here.  There are also some new pics which are exclusive to the blog (just because I love those of you that read this blog more than my regular Facebook friends).  There hasn't really been anything exciting going on lately. I am going to drop off my resume at the high school in the next few days and, hopefully, I can get them to hire me as a substitute.  I spoke to the principal this morning and he said they would be willing to help me out with a work visa so keep your fingers crossed (I really need a job). Although, since the high school is at the bottom of the "Hill of Doom" I really hope that I can find a ride home on some days so I don't have to brave the hill EVERY DAY.  Or, maybe D. and I can afford a snowmobile if I'm working too.  I really like the exercise that the hill provides but I think I'd be frustrated having to hoof it every day from work.  Not to mention that I usually go walking during the day when the sun is out, but it is certainly down by the time school is out and it's much colder than it is during the early afternoon.  Speaking of the weather, I was amused by the fact that this morning it was colder in Greeley (Colorado) than it was here.  HAHAHAHA! Sorry, but for all of those people who told me I was crazy for moving someplace so cold that is some sweet sweet irony.

And now, for the pictures.

This is a picture taken at around 1 or 2 in the afternoon.
(Yes it is THAT dark at that time of day)

This pic and the one below are the exact same view but at different parts of the day.

The Co-op Store.  (One of the two stores in town)

PUPPIES!  These little guys are so cute.  But I couldn't get them to stop jumping on me long enough
to take a picture so I had to take them while they jumped on me.  These are the two main types of dogs you
see up here.

ME!  Not a great picture, but I felt like I needed proof that I am actually alive. 


  1. OHHHHHHH!!!! the puppis are soooo cute!! i love them, the second one looks like a lion! And i definatly needed to see the pic i still was believeing that you are allllll the way up there! miss and love you!

  2. Hi there, just moved south after living in dorset for 3 years. If your interested you can check some out other dorset blogs linked from my blog. I can't seem to paste anything here, but follow my name back to my blog and from there you can also link up with "babies & Bulldogs", "M of Cape Dorset". Maybe see a familiar face a the Northern store. All the best to you and your new life up north!:)

  3. Hi, just found your blog and wanted to welcome you to the north! so..Welcome!

  4. Hello and welcome to Cape Dorset! I'm 'Babies and Bulldogs' from Jen's comment above. I just got back from time down south so I'm just discovering your blog. Maybe I'll see you around town in the near future. I'm the white girl in the green amauti.